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Who Won?

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What can a baby do? “Not much!” would seem to be the obvious answer. A newborn cannot walk or speak or send a text. Much of early infancy is spent in eating and sleeping. Yet there is one thing babies can do better than almost anyone else. Without any effort of their own, they fill those Read More

Who Won?

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Whether it is believed or not, truth remains truth.

“What a game last night! You should have been there!” you breathlessly tell your coworker the next morning. “The lead changed every inning. Did you hear about the bases-loaded home run and the unbelievable catch by the center fielder in the ninth?” But finally, what your friend Read More
I'll never forget the day I was working underneath my rusty, little pickup truck. I was foolishly banging around on the muffler without wearing any eye protection.  When a shower of rust and dust fell into my face, one tiny flake lodged firmly onto the surface of my eye. After a sleepless night of weeping, wiping, and Read More
Recently this writer, a pastor, caught some self-described “non-denominational Christians” off guard. In connection with a pre-marriage counseling class, we remarked to the couple: “More and more religious people are becoming Nones.” “Really?!” “Yes, but the word is spelled n-o-n-e-s.” “Oh!” came Read More

“We only believe as much of the Bible as we practice.” This statement on a local church sign speaks a spiritually dangerous half-truth.

The implication that everything the Bible teaches is to be preached and taught is, of course, correct. In His Great Commission the Savior says, "...teaching them to observe all Read More