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TAKING THE GOSPEL ON TOUR In the first of this four-part series, Director John Reim shares his unique insights into the highly-regarded choral group that is the Tour Choir of Immanuel Lutheran College.
The Gospel has been on the move from the day it was initially proclaimed. He Who walked in the cool of the day Read More

The Youth Conference 2015

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The Youth Conference 2015 was held at Camp Como, just outside Como, Colorado, from July 28 through August 2. It was sponsored by Immanuel Lutheran Church of Mankato, Minnesota. Twenty-eight young people (ages fourteen to twenty and representing eleven different CLC congregations) together with twelve staff members (from five different CLC Read More
NOTES FROM THE FIELD (FIFTH IN A SERIES) In this series, those involved with CLC foreign missions profile one ASPECT of our overseas endeavors.

Down the Switchback Road

There arises a question, in working overseas, whether the missionary should drive himself or hire a driver. One concern is what kind of liability would be Read More
The title is not a misprint; it is an adaptation from a line of a well-known mission hymn: “You can be like faithful Aaron, Holding up the prophet’s hands” (TLH 496:3). This, in turn, is a reference to the biblical event found in Exodus 17:8-13: “Now Amalek Read More

Seen in Passing February 2015

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Items of interest from various sources of religious news and opinion, in print and on the web. Faithful doesn’t Always Mean Big. A top evangelical church planter pointed out the things that people (often falsely) identify as signs of success in a church: “. . . People showing up (above all else, this is the number one sign to Read More

From the Field

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Missionary David Koenig gives behind the scenes looks at happenings in our overseas mission endeavors. The following report arrived under the date of October 2, 2014. Let us all be praying with the hymnwriter* of “Spread, Oh, Spread, Thou Mighty Word” (at the end of article) — Editor Grebenhain, Germany, Free Read More


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Installations In accord with our usage and order, Joel Fleischer, who was called by Berea Evangelical Lutheran Church of Sioux Falls, S.Dak. to be its pastor, was installed on September 28, 2014. Pastor John Hein delivered the message. Also participating in the installation were Pastors Andrew Schaller and James Naumann, and teacher Read More
Theme of the 31st Convention of the CLC, June 16-19, 2014 “God Our Savior Desires All Men to be Saved!” Read More

Meet Pastor David Ude

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I am David Ude (and as my Mom would point out, that’s David, not Dave!). I am child number eight of nine and pastor number four of four in our immediate family! I am blessed to have many cousins, nieces, and nephews (at last count, Grandpa Roland A. Gurgel has over 120 descendants).

I was born in Madison, Read More
“Lead me in Your truth and teach me, for You are the God of my salvation; on You I wait all the day”  Psalm 25:5

I was raised on a ranch north of Grand Rapids, Minnesota. I grew up in the American Lutheran Church (now part of the ELCA) and graduated from Oak Grove Lutheran High School (ALC) in Fargo, N.Dak. Read More