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North Hall Upgrade

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ILC Newsletter
Every other month we get an update on what’s been happening recently at our Immanuel Lutheran High School, College and Seminary in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.
On the beautiful campus of Immanuel Lutheran High School, College, and Seminary in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, various buildings help Read More
TAKING THE GOSPEL ON TOUR In the first of this four-part series, Director John Reim shares his unique insights into the highly-regarded choral group that is the Tour Choir of Immanuel Lutheran College.
The Gospel has been on the move from the day it was initially proclaimed. He Who walked in the cool of the day Read More

Graduation is the bestowing of diplomas upon students who have completed the prescribed course of study.

Commencement names the same event with the emphasis on a new beginning. The graduates enter upon a new course or new experience in life.

Schools invite guest speakers for the graduation or Read More

From the back row

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TourChior_IMG_3018_atsizeThe 2014 Spring Concert of Immanuel Lutheran College was presented Read More
That’s not a weather report, but the theme of the ILC Spring Concert presented on Friday evening, May 17, 2013, at Messiah Lutheran Church of Eau Claire under the direction of Prof. John C. Reim. This theme was right on target, for choir instrumentalists stormed the audience with brass and percussive thunder aplenty. The Church’s Read More