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A New CLC Missionary

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Each month our CLC Board of Missions updates us with the latest news from various mission fields.
In a September call meeting of the Board of Missions chaired by our CLC President, Michael Eichstadt, a call was issued to Pastor Todd Ohlmann to become our CLC Visiting Missionary. After six weeks of prayerful Read More

Count It All Joy

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What a joy it is to be able to again celebrate the birth of our Redeemer this December! We look around at a world gone haywire and then we look at the infant King and know why we celebrate His coming. Can there be any better answer to this world’s fears and worries than the Lord who calms our worries and casts out our fears? Can there be any Read More

The CLC in Europe

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The mission work of the CLC in Europe is different from our work in other countries of the world. We have no indigenous church body with whom we are in fellowship. We have contacts with several individuals who, for various reasons, have left their previous fellowships or are in the process of leaving. In the past few years the CLC has sponsored two Read More
In this series, thoseinvolved with CLC foreign missions profile one aspect of our overseas endeavors.
When Jesus said; “Go into all  the world and preach the gospel to every creature,” He did not say how to get there. In the US we usually do all our going by car. But throughout the world, Read More
Each month our CLC Board of Missions updates us with the latest news from various mission fields.
If your last visit to the little town of Mapleton, North Dakota, was more than a year ago, you might not recognize it today. Mapleton, which serves as a bedroom community for Fargo, has benefitted from the recent boom Read More
According to the World Watch List*, there are twenty-five countries where Christians are currently experiencing extreme or severe persecution. On that list you will find Nigeria (number twelve), Kenya (number sixteen), India (number seventeen), and Myanmar (number twenty-three). You might recognize these countries as places where the CLC is Read More
The purpose of the CLC Mission Helper Program is quite simply to provide opportunities for members of the CLC to participate in our Savior’s Great Commission.
It was twenty years ago, at the 1996 CLC convention, that delegates and pastors gave their approval to the CLC Mission Helper Program. Since that time, by God’s Read More
The beginning of the CLC in Tanzania was very similar to our own beginning here in the United States. Both were formed out of already existing Lutheran Churches that were forced to leave their fellowship because of false teaching. The TCLC is divided up into four districts, which are all in the northeastern part of the country. From the very Read More
“Patience is a virtue.” This expression has reportedly been in use since the fourteenth century. It seems that the only time a person is reminded of this is in one of his least virtuous moments. One of the best ways for a person’s patience to be taxed, tested, and tried is to transition from the “time is money” American culture to Read More
Our brethren in the Church of the Lutheran Confession in India (CLCI) have approximately five hundred congregations and preaching stations, with fifteen thousand members, served by over three hundred ordained pastors.  Here is a brief glimpse at the work the Lord is doing through them.
CLC members support the work of our Read More