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CLCI Public Gospel Meetings

Written by Jyothi Benjamin | May, 2018
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[The following is a report from Pastor Jyothi Benjamin on “public Gospel meetings,” a recurring evangelism effort of the Church of the Lutheran Confession in India (CLCI), of which Pastor Benjamin is chairman. The report is lightly edited for clarity.] “We organize the Church of the Lutheran Confession in India (CLCI) public Gospel meetings several […] Read More

Aid for Victims of India Flooding.

Written by Nathanael Mayhew | March, 2016
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At the end of last year (November and December, 2015), southern India was affected by rainfall totals that had not been seen there in more than a decade. The result was devastating flooding in the regions of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. The city of Chennai (which has a population of about five million people) […] Read More

Down the Switchback Road

Written by David Koenig | June, 2015
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NOTES FROM THE FIELD (FIFTH IN A SERIES) In this series, those involved with CLC foreign missions profile one ASPECT of our overseas endeavors. Down the Switchback Road There arises a question, in working overseas, whether the missionary should drive himself or hire a driver. One concern is what kind of liability would be involved […] Read More


Written by Michael Eichstadt | April, 2014
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FROM the Sunday Church Bulletin of Messiah Lutheran Church, Hales Corners (Milwaukee), Wisconsin, January 26, 2014; CLC President Michael Eichstadt is pastor: The following is from Pastor Jyothi Benjamin in India describing the escalating persecution of Christians in the areas of their ministry: Still we have been facing some problem in various places of Andhra Pradesh. […] Read More
Dearly beloved in Christ, Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The wonderful Nellore atmosphere welcomed all the pastors of the CLCI, BELC, and HCLCN and gave good pleasure to everyone who has participated in this 10th Joint Asian pastoral conference, held at Nellore from 6th to 7th October 2010. Once […] Read More