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"Give thanks to the God of heaven. His love endures forever." Psalm 136:26 One reason many people fail to give thanks is that they don't take time to reflect on the many blessings they receive from the hand of the Lord. Listed on page 3 of this issue is a small sampling of benefits of body and soul which He has provided for our enjoyment. Read More

The Luther Seal

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Dr. Martin Luther’s seal expresses his theology and his faith. Luther designed it himself. In the center is a black cross indicative of Christ’s dreadful sacrifice on the cross for every sinner who ever lived. The cross is in the center of a red heart, to show that faith causes love, joy, and peace to grow in the human heart. The Read More
The nation will surely be pausing to observe 9/11 in various ways ten years after it happened. (How time flies!) In the annals of world and/or a nation’s history, certain events and/or days—such as the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941—have been said to “live in infamy” (as then President Roosevelt put it). Read More
Proverbs 16:9 A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps. How many of us young people (I think I can still call myself that!) find ourselves finishing high school and simply not knowing what to do with ourselves? It used to be that a son would commonly follow in the trade of his father who had previously followed Read More
We, our children and young people, need to know how our Christian faith is under attack from pro-evolutionist elements in the church (!) as well as in the secular, humanistic world outside of it. How sad that the church—external Christianity—is more and more caving in to theistic evolution. This is happening in our day not so subtly (see Read More
My wife and I were privileged to visit the Hawaiian islands for the first time recently—in fact, just a week or so before the Japan catastrophies. The islands give abundant evidence of volcanic eruptions and lands formed at least to a degree by lava flows (yes, on one calm day a tour-guide warned of the danger of tsunamis!). But one surely Read More
* From the editor — Editor Note on Christian Apologetics by Jamie Arndt Mr. James Arndt, a graduate of Immanuel Lutheran College, Eau Claire, Wisconsin, taught for some years in our Christian Day Schools. He and his wife Rachel with their children Caleb and Audrey reside in Read More

A Christian Perspective

With regard to the January 8 Tucson tragedy we find it interesting that the nation—from the President on down—pretty much stopped in its tracks for a couple weeks to mark and decry the act of a deranged individual who killed six people and injured another fifteen or so, including an Arizona Read More
Read the Article: The Huntsman Dear readers: The unusual linguistic approach in this article is not common fare on these pages. However, to our thinking it is quite an effective way to convey particular spiritual truth(s)—in this case, godly contrition and repentance. With the apostle Read More
Read Article - An "Open Door" in Australia From the Editor: * We thank Pastor Em. Daniel Fleischer, Oakdale, Minn. for this report; Pastor Fleischer, who pastored a number of CLC congregations from 1963-2010 (and served as CLC President Read More