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"…the Scriptures cannot be broken." John 10:35

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Beloved members of this Christian Congregation,

When I was installed as your pastor in April 2002, this congregation celebrated its 50th anniversary. As now I retire after nigh fifty years of service in the public ministry (1964-2014), some parting thoughts.

We can only begin with the confession that a review of the past reveals Read More
The national (liberal/progressive) narrative increasingly bad-mouths “old-fashioned traditional” man/woman marriage as being stodgy and dull—while promoting the new relationship excitement between people of the same sex “uniting” in marriage. Just this week we learn Read More
Not long ago we read of a recently published book which claims that reports of Christian martyrdom under the Roman Empire were all fabricated. According to a review of The Myth of Persecution in Read More


WyomingTrib_onlineWhat follows is a Read More

The Reformer on “Judging”

God-pleasing Judging: “You must understand this in such a way that it does not take away the right of the man in the public ministry of preaching to judge matters of doctrine as well as of life. Indeed, it is incumbent on him in his office to rebuke publicly Read More

larsens_atsizePastor Paul F. Larsen

August 24, 1932 – August 2, 2013

The Scripture passage “A man’s Read More
In the process of laying out the August issue of the Lutheran Spokesman, including the article which mentions the selfish behavior of ravens, we came upon a quote in which the Reformer Dr. Martin Luther uses the ravens’ cousins, the crows, to make a spiritual point. Recall the times of Luther (b.1483-d.1546). In preparation for the Read More
Recently this writer, a pastor, caught some self-described “non-denominational Christians” off guard. In connection with a pre-marriage counseling class, we remarked to the couple: “More and more religious people are becoming Nones.” “Really?!” “Yes, but the word is spelled n-o-n-e-s.” “Oh!” came Read More

“We only believe as much of the Bible as we practice.” This statement on a local church sign speaks a spiritually dangerous half-truth.

The implication that everything the Bible teaches is to be preached and taught is, of course, correct. In His Great Commission the Savior says, "...teaching them to observe all Read More

Another Mass Murder

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Words cannot express the horror experienced in the Connecticut city where a young man murdered his mother at home, then entered the kindergarten classroom in a local school, shooting to death twenty children and six others on the school staff. After the rampage, the killer killed himself. A number of Scriptures come to mind, including: Read More