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"…the Scriptures cannot be broken." John 10:35

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“I’M GLAD YOU ASKED!” (TWENTY-Eighth  IN A SERIES) Pastors Answer Frequently-Asked Questions
Some of the differences in the ways that Christian churches conduct Baptisms are merely matters of custom and logistics. Other differences surrounding Baptism are significant matters of “what does the Lord Read More
Pastors Answer Frequently-Asked Questions
Whenever a secular group or organization tries to inject a spiritual component into its activities or purpose, there is cause for concern. A secular group is ill-equipped to provide spiritual ministry, Read More
Fraternal insurance is not provided by an insurance company, but rather by a fraternal benefit society. Fraternals were developed in the 1800’s as a way for people to join with others who shared a common bond and purpose. Individuals who are insured through fraternal benefit societies are members of a fraternity bonded together by Read More
Yes, tithing is commanded in Scripture, but that is not the whole story. Tithing actually began before it was commanded. When Melchizedek blessed Abram, he responded by giving Melchizedek “a tithe of all” (Genesis 14:19-20). A “tithe” is, simply, a “tenth.” In the Old Testament, God commanded that a Read More
Micro-evolution, that is, the changing of characteristics within a species, happens regularly and is biblical. God created plants and animals each “according to its kind” to reproduce each “according to its kind” (Genesis 1). We see changing characteristics within a Read More
“I’M GLAD YOU ASKED!” (THIRTEENTH IN A SERIES) Pastors Answer Frequently-Asked Questions
Anytime someone asks, “Is so-and-so saved?” it is vital that our answer make clear what we mean by the word saved. When the Son of God sacrificed His perfect life on the cross, He provided complete atonement Read More
Statistics indicate that eighty percent of American adults gamble, and three to five percent of those struggle with a gambling addiction. In 2007, Americans lost more than $92 billion gambling ( As with other addictions, those caught up in gambling often turn to crime in order to fund their habit. Government-sponsored Read More
“I’M GLAD YOU ASKED!” (FIFTH IN A SERIES)  Pastors Answer Frequently-Asked Questions
Why Can’t CLC Members Join the Lodge? The constitutions of congregations within the Church of the Lutheran Confession (CLC) include a statement declaring that in order to hold communicant membership, an individual Read More

No Small Role

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Joseph, Jesus’ step-father, is mentioned only within the context of Matthew’s and Luke’s “Christmas story” accounts. After Luke’s account of the twelve-year old Jesus in the temple (Luke ch. 2), we hear no more of Joseph in the record of Scripture. This minimal information about Joseph from Bethlehem has not prevented any number of Read More