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Articles by Teacher David Bernthal:

Are We There Yet?

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Being both a father and school teacher with the privilege of taking countless numbers of children on many trips, I have heard my share of “Are-we-there-yets?”! Let's not be too hard on our youth, however. We too can get very impatient in our lives. How are you about waiting in line at a store, at a red light, or for a train to pass? And are Read More

In This Is Love…

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It's not only around Valentine's Day that we hear about love. Throughout the year we hear and/or use the word 'love' in any number of contexts. “Love is a many splendored thing.” — “I love your new haircut!” — “I'd love to see them get into the playoffs.” — “I love Moose Tracks ice cream.” — “I love you, Mommy.” — Read More
“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." Hebrews 11:1 When a young child's mother leaves the room, and he cannot see, hear, or smell her – she's gone! Then the crying begins. We console the child,“Mama will be back!” But the child wants proof! “Where's my mother? I want to see her Read More
re-form vt. 1. to make better by removing faults and defects; correct  2. to make better by putting a stop to abuses or malpractices or by introducing better procedures, etc. re-for-ma-tion n. 2. the 16th century religious movement that aimed at reforming the Roman Catholic Church and resulted in establishing the Protestant Read More


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It has happened to most of us. The anticipation is rising. The line you are standing in is dwindling. Who will be next? Will I get picked at all? Ah, those moments on the playground before a recess game begins—a possible knock to the self-esteem if ever there was one! I believe the way students choose each other for teammates has some lessons Read More
Juan Ponce de Leon (whether he actually searched for the Fountain of Youth or not) will be forever remembered as the man who went on a futile mission. The search for eternal youth, whether in water or in an elixir of life, can seem pretty silly to us. Even the ancient Egyptians practiced the art of mummification in order to supposedly preserve the Read More
“Seeing is believing” we’ve heard people say. We know that believing is a matter of the heart. Faith is a gift of God that goes far beyond what our eyes are able to discern. That having been said, we have many incidents in Scripture which show us that the Lord does demonstrate that our faith is not fantasy. Throughout the ages He has given Read More