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TLH = The Lutheran Hymnal, 1941; WS = Worship Supplement 2000; LSB = Lutheran Service Book, 2006

Date Verse Reading Comments

May 1 WS 727; 1 Thessalonians 4:1-12 You are already living to please God, but now I urge you to do it more and more,

LSB 697 for this is the will of God Who loves you.

May 2 TLH 603 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 The dead will surely rise, and here are some details as to how it will happen.
What encouragement for us!

May 3 TLH 201 Mark 16:1-8 The women weren’t expecting Jesus to rise, but He did just as He said. So also we will
rise just as He has said.

May 4 WS 759 Mark 16:9-20 Jesus’ post-resurrection appearances are additional proof for us that He lives again.

May 5 WS 730 Psalm 150 Praise God for His acts of power, especially the raising of His Son from the dead!

May 6 WS 783 Psalm 23 The LORD is my Shepherd.

May 8 TLH 436 Daniel 3:1-12 The three served their Good Shepherd, and Him alone.

May 9 TLH 368 Daniel 3:13-25 The Good Shepherd is with His people in the day of trouble.

May 10 TLH 435 Daniel 3:26-30 No other Shepherd can save the way our Good Shepherd can.

May 11TLH 434Proverbs 31:1-9As Jesus defended us in our weakness, we stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves (the unborn, children, and others).

May 12 TLH 625 Proverbs 31:10-24 A wife of noble character who shows true love for her family is worth far more than all the world’s wealth.

May 13 WS 790, LSB 855; Proverbs 31:25-31 Let husbands and children praise God for giving them Christian wives and mothers. Let them show her their appreciation for her work.

May 15 TLH 624 1 Peter 3:1-7 Peter teaches us about true beauty as well as the God-given roles of husbands and wives in the family.

May 16 TLH 414, LSB 844; 1 Peter 3:8-16 In your hearts set Christ apart as Lord, for He hears your prayers; and in your living be good to all people.

May 17 WS 731 1 Peter 3:17-22 After His resurrection, Christ proclaimed His victory over Satan, sin, and death in front of the evil spirits themselves.

May 18 TLH 188, LSB 671; John 10:1-10 Jesus came to give us “life to the full,” a life that will never end.

May 19 TLH 192 John 10:11-21 Jesus laid down His life for us on the cross—accepting the punishment we deserved for our sins—and then He took it up again!

May 20 WS 785 John 10:22-42 They set out to kill Him because He claimed to be God—which, of course, He was—and no one can snatch us from His hand.

May 22 WS 773 Matthew 28:1-10 An Easter Mission Festival: The women were to begin telling the good news of the resurrection right away.

May 23 TLH 189 Matthew 28:11-15 The enemies of Jesus lost no time in opposing the Gospel of the resurrection, just as
they do today.

May 24 WS 735 Matthew 28:16-20 Not just the women at the tomb, but all of us take the Easter message into all the world.

May 25 WS 757 Acts 1:1-11 Although they would no longer see Him visibly, Jesus’ Spirit would give the disciples boldness to witness.

May 26 TLH 489, LSB 489; Acts 1:12-26 In preparation for the day of Pentecost, the disciples prayed together, and a new apostle, called by Christ (v. 24), replaced Judas.

May 27 TLH 218, LSB 494; Psalm 110 The Lord Jesus Christ stands victorious over all His enemies.

May 29 TLH 443, LSB 849; John 6:1-15 Jesus took care of the crowd’s hunger, but the miracle served the preaching of the Word,which was His first priority.

May 30 TLH 219 John 6:16-24 Looking for a “bread king,” the crowd pursued Jesus, but He had left to help His believing children in the boat.

May 31 TLH 275 John 6:25-59 When the crowd caught up to Him, He told what the true Bread from Heaven was: Himself. To “eat” this Bread (believe in Him) is to live!

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