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TLH = The Lutheran Hymnal, 1941; WS = Worship Supplement 2000; [ ] = Biblical Events Noted

Date / Biblical Events Noted / Verse / Reading Comments

May 2 TLH 33 Joshua 4:1-9 It is important to remember from generation to generation what the Lord
has done.

May 3 TLH 167 Luke 23:1-46 Pilate could not find any reason Jesus should die, but in the end the
Heavenly Father did.

May 4 TLH 447 Joshua 6:1-27 Six days of marching while nothing happened. They had to trust that on the
seventh day God would make good, as He said.

May 5 [The Ascension of our Lord] WS 757Luke 24:1-53He is risen and shall reign forever and ever!

May 6 TLH 293 Joshua 8:28-35 After God had promised and then given Israel victory over Ai, they again
looked to His word for guidance.

May 7 TLH 451 Joshua 10:1-15 Surely the Lord was fighting for Israel!

May 9 TLH 459 Joshua 11:21-23 “Then the land had rest God is in the business of giving us rest.
The best kind, of course, is rest for our souls.

May 10 TLH 487 Joshua 13:14 “Those who preach the gospel should live from the gospel.” (1 Cor 9:14).

May 11 TLH 215 Joshua 18:1-10 When it came to making final divisions of the lands they had conquered,
they left it to the Lord.

May 12 TLH 491 Joshua 21:1-8 They had no inheritance of land like the other tribes, but God set up
something of a parsonage arrangement for the Levites.

May 13 WS 795 Joshua 24:28-33 Faithful servants rest with the Lord.

May 14 WS 761 Acts 1:1-23 The Lord of the Church cares for His Church after His ascension.

May 16 [Day of Pentecost, May 15] WS 739 Acts 2:1-41 The Spirit came early in the morning, but look at what a
tremendous day of preaching and faith then followed!

May 17 TLH 187 Acts 3:1-16 Peter and John didn’t have much money, but they had a connection to the
risen Christ which was far more important.

May 18 TLH 278 Judges 2:6-23 Sadly, Israel failed to trust in the Lord after they took possession of Canaan,
and the results were predictably disastrous.

May 19 TLH 242 Judges 6:1-40 Reminiscent of Moses at the burning bush, isn’t it? Here God calls Gideon to
leadership and patiently convinces Him to go.

May 20 TLH 250 Judges 7:1-21 Gideon knew the sword was the Lord’s and that the victory was His.

May 21 WS 785 Ruth 1-2 The Lord knows those who are His and He provides for them.

May 23 TLH 64 Ruth 3-4 In bringing Ruth and Boaz together, God was also preparing to send His
Christ into the world.

May 24 TLH 500 Acts 5:12-16 The apostles performed many signs and wonders, but the people believed
in the Lord. Mission accomplished.

May 25 TLH 210 Acts 6:8-8:1 The people had rejected God’s Son Jesus. Is it any surprise they rejected
God’s messenger Stephen too?

May 26 WS 790 Judges 14:1-20 Samson’s unwillingness to find a believing spouse led to sorrow and tragedy.

May 27 TLH 211 Judges 16:23-31 May the Lord also grant us strength to glorify His name.

May 28 TLH 457 1 Samuel 1:1-20 The Lord hears prayer and used His servant Hannah to bring an important
judge and prophet to Israel.

May 30 TLH 465 1 Samuel 7:2-17 Here a rock was a remembrance of God’s help, but there is also another
Ebenezer—Jesus Christ, the Rock who is our help.

May 31 [Mary Visits Elizabeth] WS 797 1 Samuel 12:1-25 The people had sinned, but Samuel comforted them with the Gospel
saying, “Do not be afraid. The Lord made you His own.”

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