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June 2015 Bread of Life

Written by Lutheran Spokesman | May, 2015
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TLH = The Lutheran Hymnal, 1941;   WS  = Worship Supplement 2000;   SC  = Martin Luther’s Small Catechism;
[  ] = Minor Festivals or commemorations in the Christian Church Year

Jun 1 Isaiah 6:1-8 WS 771
Father, Son, and Spirit say, “Who will go for us?” – so all three persons take part in sending out Isaiah.

Jun 2 1 Peter 1:1-9 PS 28
Our joy in all circumstances is that we are receiving the goal of our faith, the salvation of our souls.

Jun 3 Matthew 3:13-17 TLH 242
By His presence, the Spirit confirms what the Father says: Jesus is the Son of God.

Jun 4 Acts 2:22-36 TLH 244
David’s tomb is not empty, but Jesus’ tomb is, for He has risen from death and is at His Father’s right hand.

Jun 5 Numbers 6:22-27 SC Apostles’ Creed I
This blessing describes activities characteristic of each person in the Trinity. Find the work of Father, Son, and Spirit.

Jun 6 Matthew 28:16-20 PS 89
If the disciples had doubts about doing mission work, Jesus assured them that He would be with them at every turn.

Jun 8 Mark 3:20-35 PS 101
We are warned not to stand against Jesus. The good news is that Jesus isn’t Satan’s ambassador, but heaven’s.

Jun 9 Proverbs 11:23-31 SC Commandment VII
Do not cling to earthly wealth—and remember how Jesus became poor to make you rich through the forgiveness of sins.

Jun 10 2 Corinthians 4:13-5:1 PS 34
Time takes its toll on our bodies, but inwardly we are renewed and refreshed by the eternal promises of Jesus.

Jun 11 Acts 11:19-30 TLH 464
[Festival of St. Barnabas] Barnabas lived up to his name (Ac 4:36) by encouraging the Christians at Antioch. What a blessing for God’s people!

Jun 12 Matthew 19:16-26 PS 126
“What must I do?” The question is still asked. The answer is still, “Jesus has done it.”

Jun 13 Judges 2:1-12 PS 77
How quickly we can forget God’s goodness to us! What relief that we can return to Him for forgiveness!

Jun 15 John 8:1-11 PS 11
Jesus’ forgiveness is not an excuse to go on sinning, but rather a reason to leave our lives of sin.

Jun 16 Ezekiel 17:22-24 PS 113
Jesus is the “splendid cedar” who rises up and lifts us weak and dry trees to glory.

Jun 17 2 Corinthians 5:11-17   SC Commandment VIII
Christ died for all so that all can live for Him.

Jun 18 Mark 4:26-34 TLH 297
The Gospel brings about growth.

Jun 19 Matthew 11:16-24 TLH 430:6-8
The unbelieving world has everything backward, proclaiming evil good and good evil.

Jun 20 1 Timothy 1:8-17 WS 743
Who is the “worst” of sinners? Each one of us! Therefore let us praise Christ’s mercy and patience toward us.

Jun 22 Job 38:1-11 TLH 17
When we question God, He questions us back: “What do you know?” It also comforts us that He has the world in His hand.

Jun 23 Mark 4:35-41 TLH 428
If Jesus isn’t worried, do we need to be?

Jun 24 Luke 1:57-80 TLH 272
[Birth of John the Baptist] John the Baptist would do much good, but the main event would be Jesus and the salvation He would bring.

Jun 25 Matthew 16:13-18 TLH 394
[Augsburg Confession Presented] When we confess our faith, it is because God has worked in our hearts. All the credit goes to Him.

Jun 26 2 Corinthians 6:1-13 WS 775
Your pastors and teachers aren’t speaking for themselves, but for the Lord, so don’t let their words fall on deaf ears.

Jun 27 2 Chronicles 33:9-16 PS 130
As He humbled Manasseh, sometimes God must humble us so that we repent and trust in Him.

Jun 29 1 Peter 1:17-25 PS 50:7-23
[St. Peter and St. Paul, Apostles] The blood of Jesus was the redemption price for your sin. It was a price that only He could pay—and He did.

Jun 30 Mark 10:13-16 TLH 648
It’s good to grow up, but we dare never outgrow our faith in Christ. Jesus, keep our faith childlike!

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