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A Prayer For Our Pastor

Written by | October, 2014
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In his retirement Pastor Emeritus Arthur Schulz, Black River Falls, Wis.,
has perused archived copies of Lutheran periodicals for hymns and poems and shared them with our pastors. This hymn—which may be sung to the tune of TLH #483—first appeared in the Lutheran Witness of January 29, 1946. It was written by Adela Kretzmann Weber of Canton, Ohio. We print it here for its correlation with President Eichstadt’s August letter of encouragement to our pastors in this issue. Click here to go to letter
— Editor

We pray Thee, Lord, Thy servant bless and keep,

For Thou hast called on him to feed Thy sheep.

Give strength and courage for the task ahead,

And on his work Thy fullest blessing shed.

In hours of grief and doubt his comfort be,

That he with trusting heart seek help from Thee.

When paths are rough and steep, be Thou his Guide,

Make known to him that Thou art at his side.

May we, Thy flock, with prayer his work uphold,

And help to bring lost sheep into Thy fold.

Our hearts keep humble–only trusting Thee–

And we shall praise Thee in eternity.

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