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May 2013 Announcements

Written by Lutheran Spokesman | May, 2013
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West Central Delegate Conference
May 28-30, 2013—St. Luke’s Lutheran Church
Lemmon, South Dakota

Agenda Items: 

+ Examining the Distinction Between Outpouring of the Holy Spirit and Regeneration – Pastor James Sandeen

+ Comparing the Two “Givings” of the Holy Spirit with the Reformed’s Two Baptisms – Pastor Mark Gurath

+ The Advent of Social Networking: How to Witness Effectively – Lay Delegate from St. Paul, Lakewood, Colo.

+ Why Young People are Leaving the Church and What can be Done to Address This? – Lay Delegate from Valentine, Nebr.

+ Exploring the Modern Doctrine of “Tolerance” and How It is a Danger to the Christian – Pastor Michael Roehl

+ A Review of the Doctrine of the Divine Call – Pastor James Naumann

+ When, if at all, does the Sin of Despising the Means of Grace become a Matter of Public Church Discipline – Pastor Mark Gullerud

+ The Work of the Board of Elders (Helpful Ideas on Handling Church Issues Today) – Pastor John Klatt

+ Encouragement for Small Congregations and their Pastor as their Membership Declines and Some of the Pastors Need to Find Supplemental Employment – Pastor Frank Gantt

+ Devotional Study of a Section of Scripture (essayist’s choice) – Pastor Paul Fleischer

Communion Service Speaker: Pastor Luke Bernthal

Conference Chaplain: Pastor Rick Grams

—Pastor Frank Gantt, Secretary

Minnesota Delegate Conference
June 16, 2013 (3:00 p.m.)
Immanuel Lutheran Church
Mankato, Minnesota

Agenda Items:

+ CLC Board Reports

+ Evangelism—a Biblical Perspective

+ Evangelism—a Congregational Approach

+ Discussion of Memorial on Lay Participation in Conferences and Conventions

—CDS Teacher Chad Seybt, Secretary

CLC General Pastoral Conference
June 11-13, 2013
Immanuel Lutheran College, Eau Claire, Wis.

Study Papers:

+ Communicating to Our Members that We Live in a State of Grace – Pastor Nathan Pfeiffer

+ Appreciating and Using the Blessings of Church Fellowship (not the separation principle) – Pastor Vance Fossum

+ Review of Koehler’s essay: Legalism Among Us – Pastor James Sandeen

+ “Sexual Abuse” – Pastor Paul Nolting

+ New Testament Exegesis: 1 Thessalonians 5:1ff – Pastor Aaron Ude

+ Visitors’ study paper: Purchase of Goods at Fundraisers

+ Listening to God’s Word, Listening to Our Families, Listening to our Members – Pastor David Reim

+ Old Testament Exegesis: Joel 3:1ff – Pastor Norman Greve

Chaplain: Pastor Matthew Ude

Service Liturgist: Pastor Mark Tiefel

Service Speaker: Pastor James Albrecht

Music Coordinator: Pastor Paul Schaller

Program Committee: Pastors Paul Krause, Caleb Schaller, David Schierenbeck

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