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Joy to the World, The Spirit’s Come

Written by | May, 2013
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(Text: Pastor Bruce Naumann; sung to the tune of TLH #87; see devotion, The Holy Spirit’s Christmas)

Joy to the world, the Spirit’s come!
Thus we receive our Lord.
His pow’rful Word prepares Him room,
For His great gifts outpoured,
For His great gifts outpoured,
For His, for His great gifts outpoured.


Joy to the Earth, our Comforter
Turns darkened hearts to light.
The soul once lost in sin and shame,
In Christ is pure and white,
In Christ is pure and white,
In Christ, in Christ is pure and white.


He works in us the fruits of faith
And marks us as God’s own.
In bless-ed Word and Sacrament
His saving work is done,
His saving work is done,
His saving, saving work is done.


Praise we the Holy Spirit’s Name!
His favors we adore,
With God the Father, and Christ His Son,
Now and forevermore,
Now and forevermore,
Now and, now and forevermore!


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