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CLC Preaching Stations

Written by | February, 2013
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Many CLC congregations have members who live a great distance from their home congregation or other sister CLC congregations. As the Lord gives the opportunity, preaching stations
have been established. Pastors from several congregations serve these small groups with the Word and Sacrament on a regular basis.
Some of these groups meet in homes, others in rented facilities. Visitors are always warmly welcomed. Those who are considering a move or are just traveling through the area are encouraged to contact these preaching stations and worship with them (click on the read more link to see locations and contact information)

Location Pastoral Contact and Lay Contact

Alaska, Anchorage
Pastor David Fuerstenau (907) 225-2842
Mr. Josh Schultz (907) 350-6981

Alaska, Fairbanks
Pastor David Fuerstenau (907) 225-2842
Mr. Erich Hoffmann (907) 488-3017

California, Pasadena (L.A. area)
Pastor Terrel Kesterson (650) 204-9751
Mr. Mike Collins (818) 883-1748

California, Stockton
Pastor Steven Karp (510) 581-6637
Mr. Roy Cameron (209) 988-0148

Florida, Orlando
Pastor John Schierenbeck (863) 299-4084
Mr. Paul Kuehne (407) 595-5589

Iowa, Sioux Center
Pastor James Albrecht (507) 853-4417
Mr. Roger Ver Mulm (712) 722-2805

Michigan, Iron Mountain
Pastor Ed Starkey (906) 265-2124

Minnesota, Eden Prairie (SW Twin Cities area)
Pastor David Schierenbeck  (651) 492-2323
Mr. Mark Herrick (952) 944-3553

Minnesota, Rochester
Pastor Theodore Barthels (507) 433-1957
Mr. Paul C. Nolting (507) 382-4161

New Mexico, Albuquerque
Mr. Robin Volgsland (505) 892-6934

Ohio, Cincinnati (area)
Pastor Todd Ohlmann (314) 517-0177
Dr. David Menton (859) 534-5987

Ohio, Cleveland
Pastor Walter Schaller (248) 677-7242

Oklahoma, Oklahoma City
Pastor Matthew Hanel (973) 733-4535

South Carolina, Rock Hill
Pastor Vance Fossum (803) 796-0770
Mr. Walt Raffel (803) 328-9496

Tennessee area
Pastor Nathanael Mayhew (770) 962-9034

Texas, Austin
Pastor Matthew Hanel (973) 733-4535
Mr. Chuck Kurth (512) 794-8991

Virginia, Fairfax (Washington, DC area)
Pastor Glenn Oster  (803) 361-2739
Mr. David Loop (703) 250-2020

Washington, Withrow
Pastor Nathan Pfeiffer (509) 327-4203
Mr. Ray Lillquist (509) 683-1192

British Columbia, Vancouver (Canada)
Pastor David Reim  (250) 549-5250