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Great Lakes Delegate Conference, Peace Thru Christ Lutheran Church,

Middleton, Wisconsin — June 4-5, 2012 – Agenda:

1. Addressing the numerical decline in our CLC Schools — Norm Mackensen

2. Discussion and definition of ‘regular church attendance’ as it relates
to the 3rd commandment and Hebrews 10:25 — Pastor Joel Fleischer

3. Devotional study (essayist’s choice) — Pastor Neal Radichel

4. Review of Convention Prospectus; Report from Missionary David Koenig

• Conference Chaplain — Prof. John Ude

• Communion Service Speaker — Pastor David Pfeiffer / Pastor Michael Eichstadt, Reporter


West Central Delegate Conference, St. Paul Lutheran Church,
Bismarck, North Dakota — May 29-30, 2012 – Agenda:

1. More messages and exhortations for today’s Christians from the Minor Prophets
— Pastor Scott Schiermeister

2. How do we involve our younger members (ages 14-40)? — Lay Delegate

3. Scripture passages/references which we can give our members concerning the use/misuse/dangers of social media, Facebook, Twitter, etc. — Lay Delegate

4. Emphasizing the means of grace in our ministries — Pastor Andrew Schaller

5. “Lift up your heads, for your redemption draws nigh” Maintaining sober and joyful attitudes in the midst of so much turmoil. — Pastor Luke Bernthal

6. Equipping the saints for Mission work/personal evangelism (practical examples)
— Pastor Matthew Gurath

7. Maintaining a proper distinction between objective and subjective justification
and the importance thereof — Pastor George Dummann

8. The distinction between an oath and a vow — Pastor Nathan Pfeiffer

• Conference Chaplain — Pastor Frank Gantt

• Communion Service Speaker — Pastor John Klatt / Pastor Mark Gullerud, Reporter

The Minnesota Delegate Conference

is scheduled for 3:00 p.m.,  June 10, 2012, at Berea Lutheran Church, Inver Grove Heights. Discussion will center on the Prospectus of the upcoming CLC Convention.


Pacific Coast Pastoral Conference
St. John’s Lutheran Church
Clarkston, Washington
May 1-3, 2012

1. What does it mean that the gospel must predominate in our preaching and teaching, and in the care of our members? (from Walther’s Law and Gospel)
— Pastor Delwyn Maas

2. Word study of porneia and related terms, especially in regard to the breaking
of a marriage
— Pastor Nathan Pfeiffer

3. Summary and study of the second quarter (beginning with par. 25) of Concerning Church Fellowship
— Pastor Steven Karp

4. Continuing Pastor David Reim’s summary of J. P. Koehler’s article
— “Legalism Among Us”

5. Isagogics (writer’s choice)
— Pastor David Fuerstenau

6. Old Testament Exegesis (essayist’s choice) — Pastor Caleb Schaller

7. New Testament Exegesis (essayist’s choice) — Pastor Douglas Priestap

• Conference Chaplain
— Pastor Paul Naumann

• Communion Service Speaker
— Pastor David Reim

Pastor Terrel Kesterson, Secretary

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