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Bera — Then and Now

Written by David Schierenbeck | November, 2010
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50th Anniversary Observance

“Berea–Then and Now” was the theme of Professor Steven Sippert’s message to 50th anniversary worshipers at Berea Lutheran Church of Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota, on June 20, 1010.


Exterior of Berea Lutheran Church, Egan, MN

Prof. Sippert called attention to the fact that, guided solely by the truth of God’s Word and grounded firmly in faith in Christ Jesus, the Bible Bereans (Acts  chapter 17) treasured Holy Scripture and measured all–including the Apostle Paul’s message–by its divine standards.


Prof. Sippert and Pastor Schierenbeck

With its birth date paralleling that of the Church of the Lutheran Confession (CLC), those who founded and continued the ministry of Berea Lutheran Church have sought to follow the footsteps of their biblical namesake. From its beginnings in a Minneapolis home, to its first church home in the city of St. Paul as a mission congregation of the CLC, to its present Inver Grove Heights (St. Paul suburb) location, through several building and expansion programs—all along the way God has blessed the preaching and teaching of His Holy Word and Gospel in both our church and our Christian Day School (established 1978).

Current membership of the congregation is 380 souls, with enrollment in the Day School at 28.

Those over the years who have provided pastoral leadership include Gordon Radtke (conducted first worship service), Marvin Eibs (1960-1970), Paul Larsen (1970-1983), and David Schierenbeck (1983-present).

Full-time Day School teachers have included Marlys Gerth, Beth Nolting, David Bernthal, Robert and Judith Snell, Susan Rehm, and Matthew Thurow (presently).

It was a wonderful anniversary day as the Lord granted good weather, a jubilant anniversary service, a wonderful program, and a fellowship meal. Many willing hearts and hands served in readying all for this God-glorifying festival.

“Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us, but to Your Name be glory because of Your mercy and truth” (Ps. 115:1).

As our Lord guided and blessed the Bereans in the book of Acts, so may we ever look to Him as our Strength and Hope in the future.


Sanctuary of Berea Lutheran Church, Egan, MN

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